All Hallow’s Read – Day 3

20151003_071552October 3rd 2015

It’s a bright, sunny morning on day 3 of my All Hallow’s Read. The sun has extinguished all thoughts of ghosts from my mind. Can you picture a ghost in the sunshine?…

I’m on page 88 of Matheson’s Hell House. I’m limiting my reading of it to after sunset and am also endeavouring to read some right before I go to sleep. I want to see if it will slip into my dreams or not. Or maybe I’m just being cocky and setting myself up for a fall. I got a bit distracted last night with the final two episodes of Walking Dead season 5. The second half of that season was great. Anyway, I’m aiming to read more tonight.

It’s quite a short novel at only 301 pages. I’ve enjoyed the way the author has introduced the characters and revealed some of the history of the house. There has been a gradual build up of suspense, which I felt like the author really enjoyed doing. Atmosphere is crucial to this kind of story, along with the anticipation of what will happen next.

And then, out of nowhere, titillation. Arousal. What is it about horror and sex? Can you have one without the other, even if it is just a hint? Remember this book was written around 1970-71, so I want to finish with a quote that could raise the bed covers, if you’re that way inclined.

‘The hot stream of water sprayed off Florence’s upper chest and rivuleted down between her breasts. She stood in the shower stall, head back, eyes shut, feeling the ribbons of water lace across her stomach and down her thighs and legs.’   -page 72


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