All Hallow’s Read – Night 7

October 7th 2015

The weekend breezed by without my reading so much. I’ve been getting into the first season of ‘Hannibal’, watching a couple of premier league footy matches, and generally spending too much time in front of the pc screen. There are just too many ways to get distracted.

I sat down properly with Hell House last night and read until I went to bed. There have been more scares and more titillation, with a couple of thrilling action scenes. One of the main characters gets stuck in a kind of sauna in the house and starts to hear something strange.

He jerked around so fast it made his neck hurt. He stared into the roiling steam, heartbeat jolting. The sound had started up again, louder now, moving toward him … a dragging, soggy noise.

Even though this scene is familiar to anyone who has read or watched this kind of thing before, it is well written enough to take you on an uncomfortable ride. I’m enjoying it without being particularly scared by it. Time for some more.

(Thanks to Introverted Wife for the great illustration.)


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