My TBR Pile – February 2016


After viewing nikki@bookpunks’ TBR pile, I was inspired to put mine together. Now I feel kind of embarrassed because it’s pretty tiny, right? But you know what they say, size isn’t everything:)

What’s yours like?


2 thoughts on “My TBR Pile – February 2016

  1. That’s a nice looking stack! Lots of stuff I want to read right there! I’m actually pretty disciplined with my TBR. I keep spreadsheets, schedule only the books I want to read for the month, and track them down during the month before. It keeps me from buying and then neglecting a whole bunch of books I won’t read yet, and prevents clutter. I also go digital as much as possible, so I rarely have an actual “stack” of TBRs. Otherwise, I think the presence of a physical stack would stress me out too much to read an actual word.

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  2. Much like Megan, my TBR pile is digital as much as possible — I still buy a lot of physical books, but frankly am running out of room, and need to wait until I have a bigger living space before I buy too any more. Ebooks are a lot more convenient that way, even though in many ways they’re just not the same as reading hard copies…

    I’m terrible at staying organized, I’m a mood reader, and I read too many genres, so most of my schedule is based on if I have any advance review copies, otherwise it’s kept random. At this point, my top to-reads are Algis Budrys’ Rogue Moon, a volume of Clifford Simak’s short fiction, some Thomas Ligotti horror collections that may get pushed back into June or whenever, a Lavie Tidhar or three, and Cornell Woolrich’s classic noir The Phantom Lady.

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