Why Yet Another Book Review Blog?

Short & simple answer: It’s my hobby.


Fantasy Bookshelf (c) Photowall.co.uk

I started this blog after being inspired by reading some fantastic reviews by bloggers who have now become friends. As you know, there is so much brilliant content drifting out there waiting to be discovered. If we only had the time we wanted, we could read and comment on all those little gems we keep coming across. If we had more time, we could read all those books in our tbr piles, both physical and wish-listical. And we could update our own blogs more frequently than we currently do so.

I’m struggling to manage a post per week. This didn’t really bother me until I found myself starting to feel a bit guilty about it. Wait a minute; this is my hobby, right? So why do I feel like I haven’t done my homework and it’s time to go to school?..

Thanks to starting this blog, I’m more aware of how much quality material there is out there. In a possibly poetic irony, I’m reading more books than I’ve ever done before. This is a wonderful thing to be able to admit. The trouble is I’m losing my impetus to write reviews and post them on my blog. That takes up reading-time. I just wanna read.

But then I remember the feeling when you’ve closed a book that you got completely lost in and you can’t wait to tell someone about it. That isn’t why I started this blog, but it is why I’ve been keeping it going. Yeah of course it’s nice to get a few likes, but what really makes my day is when someone takes the time to comment. These comments often contain goldmines of recommendations or introductions to new authors. They also offer different perspectives on these wonderful stories, shining lights on nuggets I might have missed.

So why keep blogging? I love the social side of the blogosphere, the community. I love to read about what you loved, or hated, and why. I love reading your comments on other blogs. And finally, if I feel like there’s a chance that something I wrote encouraged someone to discover a brilliant story, I’m very happy.

[*The wonderful Fantasy Bookshelf image is taken from the homepage of Photowall.co.uk]



One thought on “Why Yet Another Book Review Blog?

  1. I’ve felt those slow periods of blogging to. “Can’t I just read a like a normal person!? Read a book and then read another without the writing?”

    Then some book will come along, and then writing suddenly isn’t a chore anymore.

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