Batman: Night of the Monster Men (2017)

“Mother of — Those things’ll kill us! Get out of my way!” (p.47)


Co-written by Steve Orlando, Tom King, Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV. Art by Riley Rossmo, Roge Antonio, Andy MacDonald.


Graphic Novel Cover by Riley Rossmo

The first crossover storyline from the DC Rebirth titles ‘Batman’, ‘Detective Comics’, and ‘Nightwing’. A massive storm approaches Gotham City, prompting Batman and his newly-formed team to evacuate some of its citizens. At the same time, something is stirring in the city’s morgue, something strange …

This is a Batman Rebirth tale for Halloween. It has huge, sumptuously-designed monsters running amok in Gotham City. Batman, needing all the help he can get, joins forces with a team of heroes including Batwoman, Nightwing, Duke Thomas, Gotham Girl, Spoiler, Orphan, and a reformed(?) Clayface. It is an interesting crew of characters carried over from the recent Detective Comics Rebirth storyline: ‘Rise of the Batmen’.

As the Bat-team pits their fighting skills and wits against the mutant monsters, Gotham’s citizens become increasingly aggressive in their evacuation site. Could this have anything to do with a briefly-glimpsed villain from Batman’s past? Or is it something from the storm that is affecting them?

Because this is a crossover storyline, the artwork isn’t consistent over the three titles. But this is only a minor complaint. I preferred the art by Riley Rossmo and Andy MacDonald, although it all looks good. Some of the fight scenes are stunningly realized by the three artists. Plus, the collection of variant covers at the end of the book contains some outstanding interpretations of the story by Tim Sale & Brennan Wagner, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Sula Moon, and Rafael Albuquerque.


The main covers for the 3 titles

This collection has been getting a lot of mixed reviews but I must say I enjoyed it. Not all comics need to be dark, brooding tales of angst. Remember when comics were fun? I read this for entertainment and because I wanted to see giant monsters stomping through the streets of Gotham like the best Japanese Godzilla movies.

[Kindly supplied as a digital ARC by DC Entertainment and NetGalley. All opinions are my own.]


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