Mount Tbr – July 2017

The dreaded mountain that is my tbr pile continues to grow. Some of these titles have been there for a while, some are fairly recent additions.

Fifteen books. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But this is just my physical tbr mountain. My kindle tbr pile contains another 20 titles demanding my attention. Curse those special offers and double-curse my weak will. No one’s forcing me to buy them, right?

I’m going to attempt a month of tbr-only reading. What I’d like to know is which 3 titles would you choose to read? Please leave a comment below:) Also, if you’ve already read one or more of these books, which would you recommend I read next?

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Mount Tbr – July 2017

  1. Blood Meridian is on my pile too. Handmaid was a solid, good read, but ultimately not that believable. Abercrombie is solid pulp, with the stress on pulp. Will have to check those other titles out!

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    • Thanks Bart. I’ve only read a short story by Abercrombie and it was puply fun. Building myself up to Handmaid and Blood Meridian. I feel like they will go down well in autumn.


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