Recent Finds: Nova 2; ‘The Airs of Earth’ by Brian Aldiss; Dangerous Visions 3

On a recent trip over to England I found these three gems in a second-hand book store. The shop was “Empire Exchange” in Manchester. It was the first time in years that I had explored the shelves of a “proper” second-hand store. I paid an unbelievable five pounds for all three books, (about $6.50).

Nova 2, Edited by Harry Harrison (1975)

The 1975 Sphere paperback. Cover art by Eddie Jones.

From the back cover: ‘Once again Harry Harrison has collected a dazzling line-up of talent for the second of his exciting NOVA collections. Established writers and new talent rub shoulders, their common ground a brilliant talent for sf.’

Includes the short stories: ZIRN LEFT UNGUARDED, THE JENGHIK PALACE IN FLAMES, JON WESTERLY DEAD by Robert Sheckley; EAST WIND, WEST WIND by Frank M. Robinson; THE SUMERIAN OATH by Philip Jose Farmer; NOW + n NOW- by Robert Silverberg; TWO ODYSSEYS INTO THE CENTER by Barry Malzberg; DARKNESS by Andre Carneiro; ON THE WHEEL by Damon Knight; MISS OMEGA RAVEN by Naomi Mitchison; THE POET IN THE HOLOGRAM IN THE MIDDLE OF PRIME TIME by Ed Bryant; THE OLD FOLKS by James E. Gunn; THE STEAM-DRIVEN BOAT by John Sladek; I TELL YOU, IT’S TRUE by Poul Anderson; AND I HAVE COME UPON THIS PLACE BY LOST WAYS by James Tiptree Jr.; THE ERGOT SHOW by Brian Aldiss

The Airs of Earth, Brian Aldiss (1965)

The 1965 New English Library edition. Cover artist unknown.

From the back cover: ‘8 imaginative excursions into the future of Man and Earth. Meet Man of the future with a restless urge to explore that can never be satisfied; learn what makes the soldier; or see Britain’s answer to the Cold War situation.

How will the mind react in a non-human body? Would universal laughter save the world?’

‘Mr. Aldiss … displays his usual exuberance in exploring human reactions to new ideas, new advances in technology. He ranges a wide spectrum of fantasy.’ -Daily Telegraph


Dangerous Visions 3, Edited by Harlan Ellison (1974)

The 1974 Sphere edition. Cover art by Joe Petagno.

The original DANGEROUS VISIONS anthology was split into three parts for paperback publication. I will have to try and find parts 1 and 2 in the future.

From the back cover: “A gigantic, shapeless, exuberant, and startling collection … vital, meaningful stories” -Damon Knight.

… and they are, put together in one of the finest collections to be found in modern SF, a dazzling gathering of brilliant talents that will stun, startle and–above all–entertain.

DANGEROUS VISIONS is a landmark in SF. In this volume: IF ALL MEN WERE BROTHERS, WOULD YOU LET ONE MARRY YOUR SISTER? by Theodore Sturgeon; WHAT HAPPENED TO AUGUSTE CLAROT? by Larry Eisenberg; ERSATZ by Henry Slesar; GO, GO, GO, SAID THE BIRD by Sonya Dorman; THE HAPPY BREED by John T. Sladek; ENCOUNTER WITH A HICK by Jonathan Brand; FROM THE GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE by Kris Neville; LAND OF THE GREAT HORSES by R.A. Lafferty; THE RECOGNITION by J.G. Ballard; JUDAS by John Brunner; TEST TO DESTRUCTION by Keith Laumer; CARCINOMA ANGELS by Norman Spinrad; AUTO-DA-FE by Roger Zelazny; AYE, AND GOMORRAH … by Samuel R. Delany

Have you read any of these books? Comments welcome below.

12 thoughts on “Recent Finds: Nova 2; ‘The Airs of Earth’ by Brian Aldiss; Dangerous Visions 3

    • Thank you. Yes, me too. But there is a considerable lack of decent second-hand book shops in Manchester. I’d forgotten the thrill of finding vintage books like these.
      (And speaking of comics, I was shocked at the prices of some of the titles now. How much?.. Marvel and DC are taking the piss. Comics are not for kids anymore; they can’t afford them.)

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      • They’re expensive nowadays aren’t they. I used to live and work by Birmingham university, and there were two brilliant second hand book shops on the high street catering for students. I picked up so many books back then. Last time I went there was just the one left. I also noticed that Oxfam have a line of used book shops – but they’re not cheap at all.

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