Chiller Pocket Book #1 (1980)

‘Death is on wing this coal-dark eve. It soars as a silent smokey wisp through the long shadows over Boston’s Beacon Hill.’


Marvel Digest Series: Chiller Pocket Book #1

Chiller #1 was released in March 1980. It was part of Marvel UK’s Pocket Book series which lasted for 28 issues. Edited by Dez Skinn, it featured black-and-white reprints of Marvel Comics’ Tomb of Dracula #59 & #60 (Aug. & Sep. 1977) plus “Deathsong,”a story from Marvel Premiere #27 (Dec 1975) starring Satana, the Devil’s Daughter. The Dracula stories were written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Gene Colan & Tom Palmer. The Satana story was written by Chris Claremont with art by The Tribe.


The Tomb of Dracula series had three different writers for its first six issues: Gerry Conway #1 & #2, Archie Goodwin #3 & #4 and Gardner Fox #5 & #6. Marv Wolfman took over from #7 and continued until its cancellation with #70. I have often heard The Tomb of Dracula receiving very high praise from writers, artists and critics alike. In 2010, Jason Sacks writing for Comics Bulletin ranked Wolfman, Colan, and Palmer’s run on The Tomb of Dracula fifth on his list of the “Top 10 1970s Marvels“.

I was too young to read this series when it was first released, (it ran from April 1972 to August 1979). Thanks to my brother buying this first issue of Chiller Pocket Book back in spring 1980, I was able to enjoy some of the Lord of the Vampires’ adventures. Now, rediscovering this little gem of a book has got me all curious to check out some of the original Tomb of Dracula stories. Do you have any recommendations?

It’s wonderful to have the artwork in black & white. I can really appreciate the skill of the artists on show. I was surprised to find Chris Claremont’s name on the Satana story. The Devil’s Daughter is a character I’d never heard of before reading this pocket book.  According to Wikipedia, ‘Satana first appeared in Vampire Tales #2 (cover-dated Oct. 1973). She was created by Roy Thomas and John Romita Sr.’ I’ve since heard that there could be a TV show starring Satana in the works. It would be nice to see the show reflect the sexy artwork of the 70s comics:-)


Are there any Tomb of Dracula or Satana fans out there? Please leave a comment.

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