Albums of Influence #1: Star Wars – Original Soundtrack (1977) by John Williams

As a way of getting into writing again, I’m going to post 10 albums that have had a big influence on me throughout my life. This is currently popular on facebook. One of the rules on facebook is “no explanations.” So I thought I would bring the explanations over here and share a little on why I have made each selection.

star wars 1

Star WarsOriginal Soundtrack (1977) by John Williams

I can’t remember clearly if the first time I watched Star Wars (1977) was on TV or on my friend’s pirate video copy. This would be in either 1981 or 1982. We went through a phase of watching it every weekend at his house. So much so that I can still quote most of the dialog from the movie all these years later. The same friend also had a copy of the soundtrack on double vinyl and we used to listen to it at his house after school.

I think the music plays a huge part in Star Wars. It’s a truly brilliant piece of work by John Williams with a main theme that still provokes an emotional and physical reaction when I hear it. Is there a word for the moment when the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck stand up? Not in reaction to fear but to pure pleasure? I think it’s wonderful how a piece of music can have such a physical effect on you, as well as an emotional one.

star wars poster 1

Included this beautiful poster with art by John Berkey

In one of the “Making of” documentaries, they were talking about some of the early cuts of the movie. John Williams’ unforgettable score was only added near the end of production. I think it might have been George Lucas talking about when he first saw the film with the music added. He said something along the lines of being completely blown away by the soundtrack and how much of a difference it made to the film.

Okay, enough waffle. There you have it. My first of a planned ten posts about an album that has had a big impact on me. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

star wars cassette

And on Cassette Tape:-)

5 thoughts on “Albums of Influence #1: Star Wars – Original Soundtrack (1977) by John Williams

  1. I love that music! It’s completely ingenious, and we rarely remember how much Williams singlehandedly changed in the world of soundtracks, because we take the symphonic music in movies for granted these days. Thanks for this post 🙂

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    • Yes, we do take it for granted these days. Can you imagine how different the film would feel with a 70s style synth soundtrack? Not that there’s anything wrong with good synth music in the right place 🙂 Thank you for your comment! And for reading!

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  2. An outstanding soundtrack and essential to the spirit of Star Wars. Among my Star Wars vinyl records collection I have a mint French pressing of the double vinyl album, with the same Berkey poster as you – a nice touch that many copies were sold with that poster.

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