Coffin Bound, Vol. 1: Happy Ashes (2020) by Dan Watters & DaNi

“I have a plan, Ben. I am expunging myself from the planet. Each mark I’ve made I shall scrub out.”

-Dan Watters

I really enjoyed writer Dan Watters’ recent run on the Vertigo comic book Lucifer. That’s what brought me to Coffin Bound, published by Image Comics. I wanted to read more stories by Watters and this was an original story by him and Greek artist DaNi. What can I say about this book? To make an understatement, I will say it’s pretty unique.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Cars! Guns! Entropy! Izzy Tyburn has promised the world that if it won’t have her in it, it’ll have nothing of her at all. Chased by an unstoppable killer, she’s re-treading her life, leaving nothing behind but burned rubber, ash… and the sun-scorched bones of those who get in her way. Ride shotgun on an existential road-trip through the tangled web of a blood-splattered life.

My Thoughts

Coffin Bound is weird, surreal, challenging and original. The synopsis calls it “an existential road-trip” which kind of sums it up. But what does that actually mean?

Main character Izzy Tyburn discovers there’s a contract out on her. Someone has set the strange being known only as “Eartheater” on her tail. This mysterious and unstoppable force is out to erase her from existence, but not if she can do it first. The good news is that she isn’t facing this threat alone. Accompanied by “Vulture”, Izzy sets off on a surreal journey down the highways of her past, present and future.

I’m a big fan of ideas and Coffin Bound is crammed full of them. Poets, seers, thieves, and killers–dare I mention the strippers who peel off more than their clothes?! The story is pretty out-there, and the moody, stylish art by DaNi fits it all perfectly. If you are looking for logic or sense, look elsewhere. Not to everyone’s taste but I loved it.

DaNi’s artwork from Coffin Bound issue #1

Thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “Coffin Bound, Vol. 1: Happy Ashes (2020) by Dan Watters & DaNi

  1. I’ve never heard of this one, but I think I’m going to keep an eye out for it. I’ve no clue if it’s one I’d enjoy, but it sounds intriguing enough to give it a try. The artwork looks a little rough but appropriate for this sort of story. It reminds me a little of that in 100 Bullets (which I’m enjoying so far).

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    • Oh, 100 Bullets. I remember that comic! It’s been years since I read it though. I used to buy it when it was being published monthly. Yes, the art in Coffin Bound does remind me of Eduardo Risso’s work.

      I think you would only enjoy this if you are interested in dark, slightly surreal writing. It’s a bit of a trip!

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  2. Glad to know about Coffin Bound, Wakizashi; I’d never heard of it. I agree: Big Ideas are often what’s missing these days from our pop culture (movies and comics), which are more about fan service than purposeful storytelling. Looking forward to checking this one out!

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