Christmas Dinner in Japan

It’s December 26th as I type this. I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas wherever you may be. Last night, Mrs. Teahouse and I went to her parents’ house for a very memorable Christmas dinner. I posted a “Short” video about it on my YouTube channel. It was a wonderful meal, the first time I have enjoyed this particular dish in a while. Please let me know what you think. And share what you enjoyed for your festive dinner or lunch. 👺

A very short glimpse of our Christmas “Kani Party”

Coming from the UK, I’m not used to the unique experience of eating crab. There’s definitely a skill to how you go about it. I think this was my most successful attempt so far, and there have only been a few. Even Mrs. Teahouse’s father was impressed; almost. 🤣

Peace be upon us all!

-Wakizashi, *up early listening to the hail hammer the windows*

15 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner in Japan

  1. What a great looking table of fantastic food. I hope you all enjoyed it. I got together with my family for some sliced ham with homemade European pierogi’s and a small mix of other dishes. It was a little simpler this year because the stove/oven died a few days before Christmas. Thankfully, my folks were able to get it fixed, but had to cut back on dishes as there wasn’t enough time left. Still, getting together is always a great thing. Merry (belated) Christmas to you!

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    • Merry (belated) Christmas to you, too! 🎄I’m glad to hear you were able to meet up with your family and enjoy a great meal together. Thank you for your continued support, Todd. Best wishes for 2022!


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