Kyoto 2022

My first trip in 2 years, it felt so refreshing to travel again. šŸ™‚ You can see Osaka Castle in the distance. The cherry blossoms are blooming at their peak here. It’s been 20 years but they still blow my mind. After walking round the castle grounds, we ate some delicious Korean food in the city. Then we took a train to Kyoto for shopping and dinner in a craft beer bar. It’s wonderful to meet up with my daughter! ā¤ļø

Thanks for reading!

Wakizashi- *Hey Mister Blue Sky, why did you have to hide away for so long?*


17 thoughts on “Kyoto 2022

  1. Good times, baby! I have to get away some time, it’s been years for me, too. Mind you, after shorts and t-shirt weather a few days ago, it snowed here today!

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  2. I took my own first trip again this week in 3 years. It was only to another city two hours away but I have to build up some confidence again after the burnout. Im really happy with how it went. Maybe in a year or two I can fly to the other side of the world again. Glad you had a good trip!

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    • I hear you mate. Osaka is around 3.5 hours away by bus. I took the train going there and was able to ride the shinkansen šŸš… That was so cool! Catching the bus back on Saturday PM. Yeah, I want to be able to fly to Europe again. There are still strict travel restrictions in Japan; especially coming into the country.


    • It felt so good to actually get on a train and travel out of the city. I remember some of your gorgeous photos of the cherry blossom where you live. It’s probably my favourite time of the year in Japan. Thanks Todd. šŸ‘

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