Jurassic League #1 (2022) Comic Review

Do you remember when comics were fun? I do. I enjoy most kinds of comics except for the ones that talk down to me or try to preach some unwanted message in my escapist entertainment. I’m not reading them for that. If I wanted that, I’d spend more time on Twitter or watch the mainstream news. I read comics because I grew up loving them. I read for the spectacular art and fantastic stories. I also read for the compelling characters and their heroes journeys. This might sound controversial but I read comics for fun. In my best Bill & Ted voice, “No Way!”

I appreciate fun, especially when its backed up by a compelling story. While I haven’t been exactly enamoured by the state of modern American comics, particularly the recent output from the so-called “Big Two,” I wanted to share my thoughts on a brand new mini-series from DC Comics. Jurassic League is exactly what you think it is: a Justice League of Dinosaurs. C’mon, what more do I need to say?

Daniel Warren Johnson’s Cover

This is the first of six issues. It’s co-written by Juan Gedeon & Daniel Warren Johnson with art by Gedeon. I haven’t seen his work before but I like his style in this book. It’s a cartoony kind of style with some dynamic flowing action scenes involving the dino-characters. The landscapes are well realized and the bright colours by Mike Spicer help bring it all to life. I’m a fan of writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson and thought he was doing the art in this series. He has a bold manga-like style which I enjoy. But Juan Gedeon’s art is really good and fits the tone of the comic.

No spoilers here. I will just say that this first issue introduces us to the Jurassic versions of Batman, Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. We get a brief origin story for Superman plus a glimpse of some of the famous villains that regularly fight the main characters. Yes it’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I was smiling pretty much the whole way through the issue. It was an entertaining blast of a comic, a breath of fresh air, and surprised me by leaving me looking forward to issue #2.

A Wakizashi Recommend!

My Video Review (6m 48s)

As always, thanks for reading.

-Wakizashi, *feeling young again*


6 thoughts on “Jurassic League #1 (2022) Comic Review

  1. Pepperidge Farms remembers when comics were fun too!

    Then they started taking themselves too seriously and hair pulling, chain rattling, banshee wailing jackasses got involved in the whole process and ruined it for everyone.

    I hope the rest of the series is just as fun for you 🙂

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  2. Too funny! And now that I see this it seems so obvious it’s surprising this wasn’t done sooner. Glad to hear it ended up being a fun one. I keep thinking about going back into my collection of older back issues and either rereading or finding those I never got around to reading, hoping I’ll enjoy them as much as I did when I was more actively reading comics.

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