Typhoon Morning

I woke up to this sunrise. Typhoon 11 is approaching. That’s right, Japan doesn’t give typhoons impressive names, only a number. Boring! It’s due to hit around noon. I think we will be lucky because we are only catching the edges of it. Korea is getting the brunt of it.


18 thoughts on “Typhoon Morning

  1. What? Japan doesn’t name their typhoons?! Than how can people have their Captain Ahab moment where they are shaking their fist at the storm and yelling “Curse you typhoon (enter name here)!” Typhoon number 11, just doesn’t sounds as dramatic. Well, I hope the storm passes without too much trouble and you stay safe, even if you have to miss out on a Captain Ahab impersonation moment.

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  2. Took me reading your comment to understand what was going on with the pictures.
    Was that a new block or did they change the behavior of a pre-existing block?

    And glad you made it through unscathed. Hurricanes can be scary things…

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    • I found it by chance because I started to write a post using my phone. I was going to upload the photos, then change to my pc and write the post. Using the phone gave me this new option to create a “story.” I don’t know if it’s available on the standard pc editor yet.

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