The Peripheral TV Series (2022)

I am a big fan of William Gibson’s 2014 novel that this series is based on. (Here’s my REVIEW of The Peripheral from 2015.) Amazon Studio’s TV adaptation pretty much came out of nowehere for me. I found a trailer almost by accident on YouTube just a few weeks before the first two episodes dropped. It is being executive-produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy and has been in development since April 2018. Chloë Grace Moretz plays main character Flynne Fisher.

There will be eight episodes in this first season, four of which have already dropped at the time of writing. The series significantly expands Gibson’s book by adding new characters and plot threads. Here is a brief synopsis:

“Flynne Fisher is a brilliant gamer who works a dead-end job to support her brother and ailing mother. When her brother enlists her help in an advanced game, Flynne sees something she shouldn’t, bringing danger to the family’s doorstep.” – imdb

I really enjoyed the first two episodes but feel Episodes 3 and 4 were a bit too drawn out. Notably in Episode 4 there are a lot of scenes of characters walking and talking until we get a rather hefty info-dump near the end. This plot-drop attempts to explain some sort of global disaster referred to only as “The Jackpot.” It’s almost as if the writers suddenly realized they should let the viewers know a bit more about what’s going on. I appreciated this scene, but it felt dropped in at the last minute.

The Peripheral has been receiving mixed reviews so far. It is being praised for its ideas and imagination, while also receiving criticism for being convoluted and complicated, just as the book did when it came out. If you are interested in science fiction that makes you think, I would say give it a try. I look forward to each new episode that drops weekly on Fridays, I just wish there was a bit less meandering and a bit more focus on moving the story forward.

Thanks so much for reading!

-Wakizashi, *nearing the end of Stephen King’s latest book FAIRY TALE. It’s a recommend!*


9 thoughts on “The Peripheral TV Series (2022)

  1. It receives criticism for being convoluted and complicated, haha, but the book is exactly like that as well. But Gibson designed it that way, to make things exciting. Do you think there will be more seasons than one? Will the entire novel be covered in the first season?

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    • I’m not saying it’s great but I believe it’s definitely worth a look. There are some good performances so far and a refreshing respect for young men who have served their country. I’m also enjoying the scenes set in near-future London, but I could be biased 😉

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  2. Like you, I loved the book. It’s very much my kind of sci-fi story. I’m still looking forward to trying the 2nd book in the series though I recall you didn’t enjoy it as much. Do you know if the TV series is based on just the first book or on the entire series?

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