Currently Reading: The Dragon Reborn (1991) Book 3 of The Wheel of Time

I have returned to Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series and have just started Book 3: The Dragon Reborn. It was Amazon’s TV adaptation that got me back into reading The Wheel of Time. After hearing such a divided reaction to the streaming series, I wanted to return to the source and see what was upsetting a lot of long-term fans of the books. I tried The Eye of the World years ago but never finished it. It just didn’t grab me and I wrote it off as Tolkien fan fiction. I know, I know, it was a rather hasty and foolish decision which I’ve now remedied.

I listened to audiobooks of The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt earlier this year. I enjoyed them both, especially the second book. It felt like Robert Jordan had found his voice and stepped out from behind Tolkien’s shadow. The Great Hunt’s story was also a lot more exciting than the first book’s in my opinion. But I can appreciate the slower-paced set up of The Eye of the World now. I can also understand what many book fans were upset about. The showrunners have changed a lot of the lore, aged up the characters, made some head-scratching casting choices, created new characters and changed some major plot points. Why couldn’t they just adapt the books as they were written?

Anyway, I’m waffling. I want to share a quote I really enjoyed from Chapter 4 of The Dragon Reborn. It concerns Perrin and a strange dream he is having:

‘You will not have many chances,’ the man said behind him in a hard voice. ‘Three threads woven together share one another’s doom. When one is cut, all are. Fate can kill you, if it does not do worse.’
Perrin felt a sudden heat against his back, rising and fading just as quickly, as if the doors of a huge smelting furnace had swung open and closed again. Startled, he turned back to the room. It was empty.
Only a dream, he thought, shivering from the cold, and with that everything shifted. […]

There was a sound in his head, louder than a murmur, almost at the level of understanding. ‘A man destined for glory.’
He spun away from the mirror and found himself staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He noticed nothing else about the room, cared to see nothing but her. Her eyes were pools of midnight, her skin creamy pale and surely softer, more smooth than her dress of white silk. When she moved toward him, his mouth went dry. […] He shivered, and wondered why he felt cold.

Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn, CH.4

Thanks for reading!

-Wakizashi, *remembering how much I love a good fantasy story.*


9 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Dragon Reborn (1991) Book 3 of The Wheel of Time

    • Yes there are. There didn’t use to be as much or it was much briefer in the past. You’d hear simply that “the book is better than the film,” or sometimes the other way round. Nowadays there are countless videos, blogs, etc which compare in great detail the differences between source and adaptation. Why do you think it’s become such a thing these days?


  1. Somehow I missed this post, I have no idea how!

    But yeah, I’m not going to be watching WoT on prime, the changes are too big and for reasons I disagree with (from what I can tell, because the director is a fool and wants to stamp his brand on already established brand) and I’d just get upset. And there’s no need to get upset over a tv show, sigh….

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    • This poses an interesting question. If you are enjoying an adaptation of something that you have never read, does that make it good? Even if fans of said material aren’t happy with it?

      When I started watching the show, I was enjoying it because I wasn’t familiar with the original books. Then I began hearing from friends on YouTube how much had been changed by the showrunner(s) and writers. This sent me to the books and I read the first two in the series. Now I’ve pretty much lost all interest in the show because I see how different it is to the books. Yet I’m sure there are viewers who haven’t read Jordan’s books and are enjoying the show. I don’t know. It feels a bit like a Catch 22 situation.

      Thanks for commenting, mate!

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      • You can enjoy a story. The problem is when that story CLAIMS to be an adaptation of something else. If the show writers had simply written their own story instead of hijacking the name of WoT and some of the ideas, then it would be different. But by claiming the name of WoT, there are certain expectations that must be met in order to be considered good. They are NOT telling their story, but Jordan’s. So any deviation is bad.

        I’ve watched movies that I later found out were based on an existing IP and that the movie was a travesty. I still enjoyed the movie, because to me it was its own story. But if I had known the original IP, I would be judging the movie on that. That’s one of the issues with using existing IP. The movie/tv producer does NOT get a blank slate. Even if they are jackass expletives who think they should.

        and the more famous an IP, the better known it is, the bigger the responsibility of the producers to be more faithful. That’s my guiding philosophy when it comes to adaptations anyway. Unless you are upfront from the beginning that what you are making is not actually going to be faithful. Much like the netflix live action movie of Death Note. It was a horrible Death Note movie, but I enjoyed it quite a bit as a “well, lets change as much as we can” experiment 🙂

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        • Exactly mate. They should have written their own original fantasy series and left Wheel of Time alone. I think the same goes for the recent Rings Of Power show, too. I dropped it after four episodes because it was a mess as well as quite frankly boring. Why didn’t Amazon create something original? Probably because they don’t have the talent. If you are going to adapt a famous story, then adapt the story, simple as that. I’m frankly sick and tired of hearing the taglines “for a modern audience” or “to reflect the modern world.” It’s a FANTASY story for goodness sake. Insert appropriate expletive here. OK, mini rant over.

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