New Year’s Eve in Japan

This is a quick post to share a couple of very short videos of my family’s Japanese New Year. The first video shows “Daifuku” or “Anko Mochi” being made. The second video is a brief clip of “Sukiyaki” being cooked by my father in-law. It’s been a bit hectic here with all the preparations, cleaning, cooking, etc. I will be writing a Year’s Retrospective post in the coming days. Let me wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023. Thank you for all your support this year. よいお年を!(Yoi o toshi o!)

Thanks so much for reading! You really are Amazing!

Wakizashi, *10 hours and 40 minutes to 2023!*


25 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Japan

  1. I absolutely LOVE the answer you received to your first question! How do you make anko mochi? Wrap anko in mochi. 🙂 I remember when I first learned about the sweets with beans in them and just didn’t think it sounded appetizing at all. That is, until I tried them. Wow, I instantly fell in love. I just love the taste and texture of these, though I doubt I’ve ever had any as good as those freshly made ones are. I hope you and your family have/had a fantastic New Year! And thanks very much for sharing these little glimpses of Japan, just love them.

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    • Yes! A perfect answer. My Japanese friends are sometimes surprised that I enjoy the sweet bean cakes. They tell me that “gaijin” usually don’t like the taste. I love it, but I’ve always had a sweet tooth. 😉 We had a wonderful time at my wife’s parents, thank you Todd. It’s 8AM January 1st as I write this and the sun has risen, so everything looks good. Happy New Year to you, too when it comes! Thanks for your support!


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