The FLASH issue #790 (Jan 10, 2023) | Comic Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams
Artist: Roger Cruz
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: January 10, 2023
Cover Price: $3.99

I’ve never read The Flash comic before, but I kept hearing how good this latest run by writer Jeremy Adams is. Words like ‘bright’, ‘fun’, ‘positive’, and ‘hopeful’ were being used in regards to this series. Also, the strong focus on family, which refreshingly delivers a very positive depiction of what we used to call the “nuclear family.” You know, husbad, wife, a couple of kids plus a pet or two. And they love and care for each other. Incredible, right?!

This issue is also a perfect jumping-on point for new readers like me. It’s the first part in a new story arc called “One Minute War”. The premise sounds very intriguing. An alien threat has its sights set on Earth. Unfortunately, their arrval goes almost unnoticed by most people because of their speed. Only members of the extended Flash family appear to witness the alien invasion force’s devestating landing. Can these aliens manipulate time or do they have access to the speed force? The issue ends on a big cliffhanger leaving you eagerly anticipating the next issue.

My Rating:

A fast-paced and exciting story which promises to deliver a gripping story-arc. This is a strong recommend, and perfect for new readers.

8 Speedsters out of 10.

Thanks so much for reading!

My Video Review of The FLASH #790

10 thoughts on “The FLASH issue #790 (Jan 10, 2023) | Comic Review

  1. I read this today. Been long tine since I’ve read a Flash comic but quite enjoyed this as it was the start of a new storyline ect. Nice to see so many of the Flash family of characters showcased in this issue as well.

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