Gunslinger Spawn #16 (Jan 11th, 2023) | Comic Book Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Brett Booth
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: January 11, 2023
Cover Price: $2.99

Publisher’s Synopsis: ‘Parts of Gunslinger’s storied past are finally becoming clear. But there are secrets being kept from him that, if revealed, might set him on a new path of vengeance!’

My Thoughts

I’ve been reading Gunslinger Spawn since it was launched back in October 2021. From what I’ve been hearing, this comic is the current bestseller among the four SPAWN comic titles. This probably has a lot to do with how good the art is by Brett Booth, month after month. Also, it’s written by Todd McFarlane and is probably the best thing he has written in a while.

I’ve found it to be a very entertaining story. It has fun with the “fish out of water” theme, or should I say “man out of time.” It’s funny to see Gunslinger trying to get his head around our modern world. He gets some help with this from Taylor Bartlett, a young man who Gunslinger saved from the dark forces his father was working for. The western tropes are appreciated, too, especially when we get glimpses into Gunslinger’s past. I’d like to see more of this in future issues.

Overall, Gunslinger Spawn is a comic I can kick back and relax with. Sometimes it’s a bit over-the-top with the violence but most of all this comic book is fun. Did I mention the killer art by Brett Booth?.. Recommended!

(Below is the story summary I wrote for my video review if you are interested.)


The issue opens in the middle of a confrontation between Gunslinger and the mysterious figure dressed in blue. We learn the name of this new Flash-like character. He’s called FOCUS and he can move at speeds barely detectable to regular people. Focus is after the same man Gunslinger wants.

Look at the top panel here. I really like the art showing those strange swirling effects around Focus’s body. He tells Gunslinger that he doesn’t want to fight him, then takes out one of the guards who was drawing a gun.

The man they’re both after, McCarver, warns Gunslinger that he can forget about getting out of there as “THEY are coming.” “Good!” says Gunslinger. And that’s another striking panel by Brett Booth. How cool does Gunslinger Spawn look here, knives drawn, coattails twisting behind him.

Focus grabs McCarver and exits the room in a blur of blue and black. He covers over 400 miles at incredible speed leaving only contrails in his wake. McCarver is amazed and asks how he did it. Then we learn that Focus was part of a group who were experimented on by McCarver. We’re told that most of them died but Focus survived. Now he appears to be seeking revenge.

The blue speedster goes back for Gunslinger and there’s a great line here by McFarlane: “Like a hurricane, Gunslinger is swallowed into a cone of black flames, the piercing vibrations about to shatter his eardrums.”

Focus asks if Gunslinger was also “made” in McCarver’s lab? The hellspawn has no idea what he means. He tells Focus that McCarver was involved in the death of his sister and this is all about retribution.

Then Gunslinger Spawn attacks McCarver and Focus has to hold him back. “He killed my friends! I still need answers from him!”

“You should’ve run when you still could” replies Gunslinger and we see the edges of huge black wings circling above them.

McCarver’s Angelic Assassins have arrived and it looks like it’s going to be an epic fight. There are still a few pages to go, so I’ll end my story summary here.

Thanks for reading!

My Video Review of GUNSLINGER SPAWN #16

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