Sakura Viewing at Kiyomizu Temple, Yasugi.

We had a family outing on Tuesday and went to a local temple. It’s called Kiyomizu Temple, but it isn’t the famous one in Kyoto. That one is truly stunning and is essential viewing if you visit Japan.

This local Kiyomizu Temple is a smaller temple, but it has a beautiful location. It’s on a small mountain called “Zuikouzan” which translates as “Holy Lightning Mountain.” What a wonderful name! On the sign below, it tells us that “before the temple was built, holy lightning appeared at the top of the mountain where the temple is now located.” The name “Kiyomizu” means pure and holy water. I don’t know about the myths but I always feel truly refreshed after visiting this temple.

Map of Kiyomizu Temple

Thanks for reading!

-Wakizashi, *very happy it’s spring and the weather is good!*


13 thoughts on “Sakura Viewing at Kiyomizu Temple, Yasugi.

  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing both the photos and the signs. I enjoyed reading about the temple and its history. From what little I’ve seen of these sorts of locations in Japan (not in person, just reading and watching videos), it appears they’re built to assure people stay fit, always so full of stairs. 🙂 Glad to hear what a great time you had with your family.

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    • I’m really glad you read about the temple. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? A doctor friend told me that the advice from years ago was probably due to the limited medical knowledge they had at the time. But yes, the stairs must have played a big part in encouraging people to stay fit.

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