King Spawn #22 (May 2023) REVIEW

Writer: Sean Lewis
Artist: Javi Fernandez
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: May 24, 2023
Price: $2.99

I’ve written about the current Spawn Universe comics before, so I wanted to give an update. There are four ongoing Spawn comics right now: Spawn, King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and The Scorched. The main Spawn title is up to issue #341, King Spawn is on issue #22, Gunslinger Spawn issue #20, and issue #18 of The Scorched is due out next week. I was buying all four titles but I’ve recently cut back to King Spawn and Gunslinger Spawn. Gunslinger is a lot of fun but King Spawn is my favourite.

I just dropped a video review of King Spawn #22 which released on May 24th 2023. Here is my written review of the comic.


King Spawn #22 opens with an eye-opening single-page image of Spawn throwing a number of brains and a pack of dogs charging after them. What an opening! It sure got my attention. The brains are human brains that have been used in dark experiments by the evil Exodus Foundation. We still aren’t quite sure what the mysterious Exodus Foundation has been doing with these brains, but Spawn is on the warpath to find out.

Detective Sam Burke from Sam & Twitch fame has been kidnapped by members of the Exodus Foundation and Spawn has tracked them down. This is who he is throwing the grey matter at, leading the dogs to attack the Exodus kidnappers. In the carnage, Sam frees himself and thanks Spawn for his help. We see one of the Exodus employees sprinting away from the attacking dogs. Sam calmly picks up his gun and shoots the fleeing woman through her leg.

Spawn convinces her to show them where the Exodus Foundation is working on the brains and they enter a warehouse nearby. The woman, who we learn is known as Lady Madeleine, reveals a hidden stairway leading down to a very gruesome basement. Sam grimaces at the smell that assaults their senses and we see what appear to be body parts strewn around the room. Fortunately the large room is poorly lit, so the scene isn’t as horrific on the reader’s eyes as it would be.

Madeleine boasts about the number of brains the Exodus Foundation has procured so far and Spawn slams her into a workbench. She doesn’t get up. The final page shows a character we briefly met in a past issue of Spawn. She is hooked up to some kind of monitoring device in the basement and Spawn senses that she is the key to the whole Exodus Foundation mystery. To be continued.


Sean Lewis has brought back the horror to King Spawn and this issue doesn’t hold back. We learn more about the Exodus Foundation’s shocking plan and witness some gruesome scenes in a warehouse basement. Javi Fernandez’s art is as impressive as usual and really complements this dark and gritty story. The issue ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader hungry for the next installment. Recommended.

SCORE: 7.5 out of 10

My Video Review of KING SPAWN issue #22

25 thoughts on “King Spawn #22 (May 2023) REVIEW

      • whooosh!

        On a post related note, it is nice to see someone enjoying some comics. My spiderman journey isn’t going so hot, Lashaan seems to be having some real problems with most of the batman comics and I haven’t seen anything by Paul Bowler for quite some time.

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        • It is nice to have some good new comics to read. But I am very selective in what I choose to buy, so maybe I’m stacking the odds in my favour? If I was reviewing everything that came out, I’m sure there would be a lot more negative reviews than positive ones. For me, Image and DC offer the most entertaining comics at the moment. It’s disappointing to admit that there is NOTHING coming out from Marvel that I would class as an essential read. Not at the moment anyway.

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  1. What a great issue this was. Only read my comics yesterday as I’ve felt a bit unwell this week, but fine now. I really like Sam and Twitch, I think they sound get their own book in this Spawn’s Universe.

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  2. Hey Wak,
    when you asked me on my blog what I thought about WotC’s move with regards to the Lord of the Rings set, someone anonymous replied to me. It didn’t sound like you and I was wondering if you had any idea where the comment might have come from? It was so completely out of the blue and I’m curious.
    If you have no idea, no worries.

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