YouTube After 7 Months | Wakizashi’s Thoughts

I try to keep this blog focused on book reviews but I wanted to share some of my thoughts on YouTubing. This is coming from a “newbie’s” perspective and is not meant to be read as advice. Because after all, what do I know? I’m making this up as I go!

I’ve recently started doing more livestreams” on my channel. This has been a real challenge for me because I’ve always considered myself a listener more than a talker. I take after my mum in that regard. When you do a livestream or a podcast, you have to be able to waffle well. Some of the people I watch on the platform can talk and talk like there’s no tomorrow. I’m hoping this is something I can learn or at least get better at doing with practice. Is talking a skill? I guess so. Just ask any actor or public speaker.

Anyway, I think I’m improving, but the main thing is I’m really enjoying it. In the last few livestreams I managed to get a (very) small audience. I’m talking around five or six viewers, but they’ve been coming back for more. This is much more satisfying than talking away to nobody! But I will happily do that if I have a topic to waffle about. The best thing about the audience is they usually drop comments in the “Live chat” which gives me more to talk about. It also provides me with some great info or recommendations regarding the topic(s) I’m blabbing on about. And there’s a rewarding social side to it, too. It can feel a bit like being out in a bar or cafe chatting with friends or strangers who may become friends. Remember those halcyon days?! But I’m waffling.

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The Fastest Way to Make a YouTube Video — Wakizashi’s YouTube Journey

This is the first video I made after restarting my YouTube channel in June 2021. It’s a review of Homesick Pilots Volume 1, written by Dan Watters with art by Caspar Wijngaard. This video review is very basic and it shows. It’s just me with my Sony Xperia smartphone’s camera, a review script I’d printed […]

The Fastest Way to Make a YouTube Video — Wakizashi’s YouTube Journey

Sharing this post from my new WordPress site. 😅I know, I know! I said I wouldn’t be posting very frequently, but I thought this might interest a few readers. It’s a very basic essay on “How to Make a YouTube Video on Your Phone.” I promise I won’t post again for at least a few hours, erm, I mean, a few days! 😂🙄

Thanks for reading and for putting up with me!

-Wakizashi, *sheepishly hiding round the corner*