Europe in Autumn (2014) by Dave Hutchinson

He heard glass crunch, behind him. He turned and saw a dark figure detach itself from the shadows of the doorway opposite. By the light from his phone he saw that it was wearing tight-fitting clothing and carrying what appeared to be a pistol with a very long barrel.

I hadn’t heard of the author Dave Hutchinson before this book. He describes himself on his blog as
“A journalist, once upon a time. A science fiction writer, occasionally. Will write for food. Or even the odd kind word.” [Link to his homepage.]

Art by Clint Langley

Fortunately for me, Europe in Autumn was recommended by some fellow bloggers who had been singing its praises on their ‘Best Books of 2014’ posts. It’s a great story full of some brilliant ideas and well-realised characters. It reads a bit like a cold-war spy thriller which has had some of its technology amped up to an innovative level. The atmosphere is one of intrigue and espionage, trust and betrayal, and its setting is a fragmented, near-future Europe split by ever-increasing numbers of borders. It tells Rudi’s story.

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