Live and Let Die (1954) by Ian Fleming

The second book in Fleming’s James Bond series was published almost 70 years ago. It is important to remember this fact when you read it. It uses language that was fairly common in literature during the period the book was written and published. Some readers may find this language offensive. I had a quick look on Goodreads to see what kind of hellstorm there was in the “reviews” and it was pretty much what I expected. It reminded me of Twitter. But there were some sensible reviews that managed to focus on the story and characters. That’s what my review will do.

Live and Let Die takes 007 to Harlem, New York, Florida and Jamaica. Bond is on the trail of the infamous “Mr Big”, a criminal with links to American organized crime, SMERSH–part of the Soviet secret service–and Voodoo. Bond suspects that Mr Big is involved in a gold coin smuggling operation rumoured to be taking place off the coast of Jamaica. He heads to the States and meets up with CIA agent Felix Leiter, last seen in Casino Royale.

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