Halloween Reads 2016

What scares you?

Is it that BUMP in the middle of the night that only you hear?
Is it the walk home through the woods with only the moonlight to guide you?readings__1224527389_9277

How about that movie you watched that gave you nightmares for a week? Or the dream that felt so real that you fought to wake up and escape it, a cry on your lips?

What was the last book or short story that REALLY scared you? As I’ve got older, I find a scary movie affects me more than a ghost story. Is that because a visual shock is more immediate than a comparable scare in a story? The filmed image is there, right in front of you, without you having to do any work creating it in your head. Is it just me? Continue reading


All Hallow’s Read – Day 3

20151003_071552October 3rd 2015

It’s a bright, sunny morning on day 3 of my All Hallow’s Read. The sun has extinguished all thoughts of ghosts from my mind. Can you picture a ghost in the sunshine?…

I’m on page 88 of Matheson’s Hell House. I’m limiting my reading of it to after sunset and am also endeavouring to read some right before I go to sleep. I want to see if it will slip into my dreams or not. Or maybe I’m just being cocky and setting myself up for a fall. I got a bit distracted last night with the final two episodes of Walking Dead season 5. The second half of that season was great. Anyway, I’m aiming to read more tonight. Continue reading

All Hallow’s Read – Night 1


October 1st 2015

I’m starting my All Hallow’s Read tonight. I’ve been looking forward to this since I ordered the book the other day. I’m not a big fan of horror any more. I want to see if it can still chill me like it did when I was a teenager. Back then, I went through a Lovecraft phase as well as enjoying some of the books by King, James Herbert and Shaun Hutson – anyone remember ‘Slugs’?…

‘Hell House’ by Richard Matheson arrived in the post today. It was published in 1971. It’s the book that kept popping up on the lists of best horror stories I was checking. That and King’s ‘The Shining’, which I haven’t read either. Maybe next year. Continue reading