Long Time No Review

My life

Help! I’ve lost my book review mojo. It’s been almost two months since my last post and it’s not just the blogging. I’m finding it really hard to stick with one book to the end. Since July, I’ve only manged to complete Jeff Noon’s A Man of Shadows and Safraz Manzoor’s Greetings from Bury Park. I’m working on my review for the Noon book but it’s taking far too long.



The same thing happened during summer last year. I wrote a post called “Summer Meltdown” in an attempt to get some advice from fellow bloggers. It worked, jump-starting me back into reading and reviewing. So I thought I would try it again and ask the few of you still out there reading this blog to recommend a must-read book or short story. What has gripped you recently? Any genre is fine! Continue reading

Summer Meltdown, 2018

Summer sky over Yonago

I seem to have lost my way. No reviews posted for 6 weeks. And worse than that, I have lost my enthusiasm for reading books. Omg!!! I’m not sure why..?

Has this ever happened to you?

I could make excuses such as this year’s exceptionally HOT summer in Japan, (and all across the Northern Hemisphere.) But that sounds too easy. Yes, it’s been boiling hot for what seems like forever yet I’ve got an air conditioner. I can enjoy a cool, dry room at home. Perfect conditions for curling up with a good book. So what went wrong?


The thing is, I have been reading. Just not as much as before and NOT books. I’ve got back into reading comics. “Oh No!” I hear you cry, “Don’t you know that comics rot your brain?!?” Continue reading