This is Japan!

We had a home-party for my daughter tonight. She is back home from uni for the summer holidays 😁. She took a PCR test and it was negative, as I expected. 😎

First, we went to see The Suicide Squad, just released in Japan today. Me and Holly really enjoyed it! Great music, cool visuals, completely bonkers comic-book fun! My daughter was half-closing her eyes at some of the OTT violent & gory scenes. It’s the first time I have been to the cinema since I can’t remember. The cinema was half-full, which surprised me to be honest. I expected only 10 or so people, but there were over 40 there. (Small town, small screens!)

On the way back home, we picked up some incredible sushi from one of the best sushi restaurants in Yonago. The fish was fresh, rich and delicious. The wasabi was kick-ass!🔥

”Hokkaido Sushi-ya, Yonago City

Heading home soon to play some classic Wii Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy 💓 We switched on the Wii the other day and were delighted that it was still working. We just needed new batteries for the controllers. Playing Mario for the first time in a long while reminded me just how good the game design and mechanics are. Nintendo truly are geniuses when it comes to gameplay.

Hope you are all genki and looking forward to the weekend! It’s warm and rainy here and we’re expecting the same for the coming week. 😕☀️☔

Thanks for reading!

-Wakizashi, *recovering from a sushi overload. Lucky, I know!!*